About Jack

PastorJack_IndiaI am the Church Mobilization Pastor at Christ Church, as a staff member since 2000. My daily role consists of training our congregation to have evangelistic and servant lifestyles to impact society outside the walls of the church. Christ Church is an 8000 member church that includes over 60 nationalities in northern, NJ. I starting serving at Christ Church when it had about 1000 members and have served in many different capacities to build our local church and serve our communities. My passion is to help people connect with Jesus and then to help them grow in their purpose to impact the broader society.


For almost 20 years, I have also worked to build larger and stronger ministries and215778_558407435293_4387959_n churches. In 2007, we began what is now Jack Redmond Ministries created to reach the lost and to build local ministries, churches and regional movements that unify churches. I have been honored to train thousands of church leaders and look forward to continually help to raise stronger churches throughout the world.

Our ministry is based out of the NJ and NY Metro Region but reaches through out the United States and has gone as far as India. In addition to personally traveling to many places, our books and audio resources go across the globe.

I love helping coach leaders to grow in their personal lives and in helping them build stronger churches and organizations. One of my greatest joys is helping people grow in their purpose.

JackRedmond_BattlecryIn my early years of ministry, I served in Youth Ministry and saw our local youth group grow from 50 to over 800 teens. I worked to build coalitions and served on steering committees to build local youth events such as Autumn Blaze helped build to 20,000 attendees, BATTLECRY from launch to over 15,000 people and Revelation Generation from 18,000 to over 30,000 attendees. I have been a frequent speaker on radio and television including Star 99.1, WMCA, GodTV and TBN.

Now I work mostly with Senior Pastors and their teams to help build their churches through speaking, resources and Church Growth consulting.

My education includes a B.A. from Rowan University and graduate degrees, an M.A.

and M.Ed. from Columbia University and currently finishing an M.Div. from Regent University (May 2017). I am also a graduate from the DeVos Urban Leadership Initiative and certified as a LIFE Coach through Life Forming Leadership Coaching.

My wife, Antoinette, and I married in 2002 and have 4 daughters.

My goal is to help serve churches, leaders and movements to grow.


Let Your Voice Be Heard

Transforming from Church Goer to Active Soul Winner

Each one of us knows the frustration of seeing people we know going down the wrong path or living beneath their purpose. Many of us have reached out, encouraged, even argued with people we care about, on how to live a better life. If we are honest, we may even be frustrated at ourselves, or at least in our ability to make a difference in their lives.

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