Choosing to Walk By Faith

Choosing to Walk By Faith

Each day we have a choice, we can either walk by faith or walk by something else. God’s Word teaches us in 2 Cor. 5:17 NIV that: “We live by faith, not by sight”. This is involves a choice, both are real but each day, we have a choice if our lives are driven by either faith or by what we see. Here are a couple of different ways we can look at things and choices we have to make:

Faith in Better OR Fear of Future

This decision is based on whether or not we believe God can change a current circumstance or the fear that it will only stay the same or even get worse! Every one of us has things in their life that they would like to change. It could be relationships, living situation, finances, career opportunities or others. Choosing faith says that you will trust God and be willing to be led by Him to make the right decisions and put in the work to get it done. Fear paralyzes and encourages you to accept current circumstances, which can cause you to not be led by God and not be willing to put the work in for a better future. The choice is between faith and fear.

Faith in Victory OR Stagnation in the Present

This decision is based on whether or not we can overcome a trial, circumstance or even personal weakness or lack. It’s a choice to believe for better or just stay stuck in a current situation. Even when you get dealt a bad hand in life or in a certain season, faith says that you are going to keep the wheels turning and keep moving forward. It does not deny a current reality, injustice or failure, it just declares victory and progress over them.

Faith in God’s Bigness OR of Our Insufficiencies

We are all insufficient in some ways and especially in comparison to God! We are talking about having big faith in a BIG God! The reality is that many people have a type of negative faith where they believe for negative things. They believe that they will always be lonely or that they will never get out of debt. In a nutshell, they have faith in a negative destiny. Faith in God says that He is bigger than any circumstance and that when we focus in Him in faith, we walk by faith not by what we see.

Faith doesn’t deny reality, it just says that God is bigger than reality and He can change any circumstance. He can make our reality better if we walk by faith, because faith is more powerful than what we see!

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