Evangelism as a Process

Many have seen evangelism only take place on Sunday mornings when a Pastor or maybe a guest minister shares the gospel, asks people if they want to follow Jesus, and there is a positive response from 1 or more people. This is usually after a very clear and orderly message that was presented in a very “professional” manner. The average person feels they are not gifted or called to do what they saw, after all, they are just an “amateur”. Understand that the 12 Apostles were all just “amateurs” but they changed the world when they understood that they could walk in God’s power!

The second problem is that people view salvation as an event that happens one time in a certain way. The reality is that most people coming to Jesus, is not a clean and simple process. It is usually messy with many stalls, detours and flat out rejections. Over time God works on a person’s heart until they are ready. Are you willing to see evangelism as a process and that God wants you to be part of that process? If so…

I want to invite you to do 2 things:

  1. Understand that most people will take an extended process before they are ready to follow Jesus. 
  2. Make a commitment to walk with at least one person and along the way love them and share your faith journey with them until they come to Christ.

Here is an excerpt from one of my books, to speak on this a little more:

On the evangelism road toward salvation, we help people move one step closer to Jesus as He draws them. We meet them “where they are” and walk through a process with no time limit. The average person won’t shift from decades of thinking and training in one conversation. Is it possible? Absolutely! Is it the norm? No. Once again, God can move powerfully and use us to win someone to Jesus in a few minutes. But for the most part, it necessitates time and multiple encounters with truth. To come to Christ, seekers must often reject concepts they thought were true. For real change, they must reject their current worldview and adopt a biblical perspective. Many wrestle with this.  

Let Your Voice Be Heard, p. 79

If you are reading this, chances are I don’t know you personally, but I do know a couple of things about you.

  1. If you are a follower of Christ, you have something that many others need – a personal relationship with Jesus. 
  2. As a follower of Christ God wants to work through you to help others connect with Jesus.

Please continue to grow and let God use you to help people’s eternal destiny change! You don’t have to be a seasoned Theologian, simply someone who knows and loves Christ and wants to share Him with others.
I pray that you let God use you to win souls!

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