Every Day – One Day Stronger

As a local church pastor, I walk with people through the best and worst times of life! Everyone’s life has trials, disappointments and crisis that need to be dealt with. I also work with many people who are just beginning their walk with Jesus and overcoming the reality of the damage that sin has left in their lives.

It seems like I always have people in my life who are paying for their past and trying to rebuild broken areas of their life, or simply wanting to build a better life. It can be painful. We all want quick fixes. I know I do! But if we have lived a certain way or walked in a certain direction for a long time, we may be paying the price for the path and process we took. It now takes a process and a trip to get to a better place.

Whether people have been weakened through tragedy, trials, injury or sickness, I often talk about purposely growing stronger each day. It’s like a teenager you haven’t seen for a couple of years. Each day they grew. They were not aware that they were growing each day, but it’s amazing how a little daily growth adds up! We have all had that situation where we remember a child and standing before us is a teen or young adult who may be a foot taller! It all happened one day at a time.

Whether you are going through a tough time or just wanting to build your faith, here are a few things you can do on a regular basis to grow stronger:

  1. Connect with God – spend time each day with a Daily Quiet Time that includes reading the Bible and praying. This has been shown to be THE most important thing a person can do to grow a stronger faith. The second thing we can do to connect with God is go to church each week to learn from God’s Word and be in God’s Presence during worship.
  2. Connect with Your Local Church Family – two of the best ways you can do this is by joining a Small Group or a Ministry. Relationships are built and people become known in small groups in ways that don’t happen on Sunday mornings. Serving on a team also builds key relationships over time.
  3. Connect with Your Community – you can do this through serving in the community and sharing your faith journey with others. This helps build you up while you help people both spiritually and naturally.

No matter where you are at, you can build a great life when you simply commit to growing a little each and every day!

Watch the teaching on these principles entitled Growing Together below:

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