How Does God Look at People?

People have many thoughts on how God looks at them. Many are unsure. We also hear many people’s opinions and ideas. But how can we know for sure? One of the ways we can know, is to look at the Bible. Many people don’t know about God, because they haven’t taken the time to dig into the Bible in a way that they can truly learn about God.

Let’s look at one simple verse and to learn about how God looks at each of us.

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. John 3:16

1)    God loves you!

God loves each and every person. He loves the whole world and everyone in it! He proved this by sending His one and only Son. Jesus demonstrated how to love people daily, and then literally gave His life on the cross to pay for every wrong thing we ever did to remove the barrier between us and God caused by sin. The amazing this is that we receive this forgiveness through faith or believing not be earning it. He gives forgiveness to us out of love.

2)    God wants a relationship with you now and forever.

Having eternal life with God is what heaven is really about. But our individual eternal life does not begin when we physically die, it has already begun because we are already alive. We either have a personal relationship with Jesus right now or we don’t. This relationship simply continues when our physical life ends, or the disconnection continues for eternity.

3)    God pursues you.

God literally sent His Son, gave us the Bible and sends His children to love and serve people while sharing the gospel with others. Until I was 27 years old, even though I believed in God, I was living my own life disconnected from Him. God sent people to me to love me and share God’s plan with me. Once I understood it, I asked Jesus to forgive my sins, change my life and I committed to knowing and following Him. That’s the day everything changed. Since then, I have always tried to help others understand and know God for themselves.

If you are disconnected from God, see this as a way that God is reaching out to you. If you do have a personal relationship with Jesus, see this as an encouragement to help others connect with Jesus!

In summary of this one Bible verse, we can see that God loves each of us and wants us to know Him both now and forever, and if we don’t know Him, He is pursuing us!

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