It has been a joy to impact people by speaking as a teacher, conference speaker, workshop leader and Pastor for the last 20 years.

It is an honor each time I help individuals, groups and organizations grow in purpose and impact the lives and organizations they are connected with. From public schools, to college, evangelistic outreaches, conferences, festivals and in the local church I speak to both large and small audiences.

Following are areas where I serve:

  • Speaking to congregations
  • Evangelistic outreaches
  • Keynote speaker
  • Leadership conferences
  • Multiple day conferences and retreats
  • 1 on 1 Life Coaching
  • Church Growth Consultation
  • Specialized training on evangelism, leadership, men’s ministry, overcoming pain/failure/tragedy, spiritual, emotional and physical health, parenting, youth and young adults


I am known for my ability to speak practically in all types of situations. God has allowed my path to be diverse in my every day life. By nature, I am down to earth but highly educated including multiple Masters’ degrees from the Ivy League school of Columbia University. My heart is to challenge people to go to the next level while incorporating humor and practical knowledge and skills than can begin to be applied immediately.

To request me as a keynote speaker for your conference, retreat or training session, please plan ahead and submit a request for your upcoming event click here.

If you would like more specific information, please contact our ministry by e-mail.

Here are what several leaders have to say about our ministry:

Though educated in the prestigious Ivy League halls of Columbia University, Jack’s demeanor is so down-to-earth that people of all stripes and shapes are comfortable around him. His relaxed style coupled with a passion for souls makes him an excellent teacher on soul-winning. In fact, he now serves alongside of me on the pastoral team of Christ Church—a multi-site congregation of 8,000 plus people hailing from over sixty nations. His pastoral assignment focuses strictly on church mobilization. That’s just another way of saying: he’s tasked with unleashing the congregation out of the four walls of the church and into the world to do ministry.

David D. Ireland, Ph.D.
Senior Pastor and author of The Weapon of Prayer

“In his new book Let Your Voice Be Heard, my friend Jack Redmond challenges us to remember and live out our calling to lead people from darkness into the light. I was freshly awakened to the joy of healthy evangelism through the pages of this book.”

Dr. Ron Walborn,
Dean, Alliance Theological Seminary
Nyack, NY

“Jack Redmond is an important national voice for the church and its impact on culture. He is leading a powerful initiative.”

Dr. McKenzie “Mac” Pier
Founder and CEO of The New York City Leadership Center

“Jack Redmond’s Let Your Voice Be Heard is a straightforward, practical teaching and training on leading lives to Jesus. This book is a must-have resource for pastors to help grow their church by equipping their congregation to help their families, friends, and coworkers connect to Jesus and to the local church. Highly recommended!”

Dr. Robert Stearns
Executive Director
Eagles’ Wings

“Jack Redmond hits the nail on the head! We must stop being an echo from the distant past and become an intentional, current-day evangelistic voice! This book is a current-day clarion call for His church to reform!”

Pastor Edward Ramirez, MSOL
Senior Pastor
Harvest Outreach Ministry International, Inc., Paterson, NJ
Dean of Students, Valor Christian College, Columbus, OH

“When you are around Jack Redmond you can’t help but be energized and invigorated by his passion for leading people to Christ. Let Your Voice Be Heard is the overflow of his heart and will motivate you to fulfill the Great Commission.”

Rev. Dr. Adam Durso
Faith Breathes, LLC

“Jack Redmond has a Word in season! I recommend that every Christian read this book. It is easy prose with great examples, strong theology, and a passionate call for all Christians to awaken our witness, raise our voices, and share Christ’s love to a world that is in desperate need of Christ’s saving grace. A Christian society has often painted the picture of ‘the evangelist’ as being the guest preacher at the church last Sunday or the street-preacher downtown warning the backslidden Christians to come back to the Lord. Other Christians would pray for the evangelist and invite people to hear him or her preach the next time they are in town. This picture painted that only certain people were qualified to do powerful evangelism—preachers! Redmond reminds us that in a culture that should no longer be classified as Christian, born-again Christians must no longer silently stand by. This book locates evangelism as part of what it means to be a Christian.” 

Dr. Antipas L. Harris, D.Min.
Associate Professor, Practical Theology & Ministry


Let Your Voice Be Heard

Transforming from Church Goer to Active Soul Winner

Each one of us knows the frustration of seeing people we know going down the wrong path or living beneath their purpose. Many of us have reached out, encouraged, even argued with people we care about, on how to live a better life. If we are honest, we may even be frustrated at ourselves, or at least in our ability to make a difference in their lives.

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