Youth Leaders are Soul Winners!

Youth Leaders are some of the greatest soul winners the Church has! When you look at the statistics of what age group gives their life to the Lord it is very clear. Youth Leaders are definitely on the front line of evangelism and the Great Commission! I have seen many Youth Ministries where more souls are won than in the adult congregation. National statistics back up what I have seen in many local churches. This is not a knock on the adult congregation, but a demonstration of God’s will for children and teens being guided by the Holy Spirit and serving Jesus at an early age.

The National Association of Evangelicals’ research stated that 63% of adults they questioned had become Christians by the age of 14 with the average age of being born again at 13 years of age. (

The Barna Group confirms these trends by stating that people who accept Jesus as Lord and Savior do so by the following ages: 43% by 13, 64% by 18 and 77% by the age of 21. (

So less than ¼ of the people who come to Christ do so as adults age 22 and older. This lets you know that children, teens and young adults is where our soul winning efforts must take place! These stats also mean that Youth Leaders are winning souls and teaching teens to be evangelistic soul winners themselves! These stats don’t give specific breakdowns for Junior High and High School – but with the average salvation age at 13 and 2/3 of all salvations taking place before H.S. graduation – these are the frontlines of the Great Commission!

Soul Winning Culture and Atmosphere?

Churches and Youth Ministries all have a culture and an atmosphere. Some are actively winning souls, some are struggling to do so, others aren’t even thinking about it. This Saturday – Nov. 5 – we will be gathering leaders and youth ministries that have soul winning cultures to train Youth Leaders and teens in how to grow to be more evangelistic. As part of your registration, I will also give you a copy of my latest evangelism book: Let Your Voice Be Heard. See links for more info.

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